Atheists On CNN

(UPDATE: Here is Dawkins appearance on CNN.)

Richard Dawkins will be on CNN Monday ( 2/12) at 8 pm. This is possibly in response to this horrible excuse for a segment about atheism (the second half is particularly disturbing):

Part 1
Part 2

“America is a Christian nation”?? I don’t think so. The founding fathers were often staunchly anti-Christian. Apparantly, objective facts are inconsequential to these people.

James Randi famed debunker of the paranormal has also been on CNN lately, discussing alleged psychic Sylvia Browne:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



5 Responses to “Atheists On CNN”

  1. knighthospitaller Says:

    The United States is a prodominately Christian Nation. That is simply a fact.
    As for the “One Nation Under God” phrase it was ammended in 1956, Title 36, Subtitle I, Part A, Chapter 3, Section 302. If you think it is not valid, perhaps we should review all of the changes we’ve made since September 17th, 1787… Maybe we should annex over 50% of the US aswell, see as the founding fathers may not have approved…

  2. secularstudentslb Says:

    You’re right it is predominately Christian. So what? There is no state religion in this country. America is a secular nation, as was intended by the Founding Fathers. I concede that the Founding Fathers were not infallible, that many things have changed since the beginning of this country, but the First Amendment has not changed. If you think it should, perhaps you should start a petition. At any rate, as long as the First Amendment remains, “under God” remains unconstitutional, as does any publicly funded display of religion. Your point about the annexation of over 50 percent of the US is not a point at all. First of all, we can not annex them – we already have. Annexation is the incorporation of one geopolitical territory by another, usually larger, geopolitical territory. Secondly, if I had been in any position to do so, I would not have approved of the annexation that did occur. But then, the whole concept of nationalism seems no different from racism to me.

  3. knighthospitaller Says:

    I guess I don’t understand what offends athiests… They feel like they are being attacked, yet in all of the legal battles I’ve heard about regarding the issue, they have been on the offensive… Interesting…

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  5. catastete Says:


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