Homeopathy: Industry of Death

You like that title, eh? I borrowed it from Tom Cruise. At this point you are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about, which is good – it shows that the popularity of homeopathy has been on the decline in the United States. At any rate, let this serve as a warning to you: first and foremost, homeopathy is quackery. It is a fraud. It is also a huge industry taking advantage of the ailing and uneducated all over the world. There are alleged homeopathic cures for just about anything – acne, allergies, arthritis, menopause, the flu, and PMS, to name a few. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Too bad all of these homeopathic cures contain absolutely no active ingredient.

The key to homeopathy, its advocates claim, is that “like cures like.” With this in mind, what homeopathic “doctors” do is find and presumably eat things to see what effects they have on the human body. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the liver of the South African wood duck, when ingested, gives a homeopathic “doctor” a severe case of incontinence – violent uncontrollable diarrhea, if you will. Since “like cures like,” he would insist on using South African wood duck liver in his homeopathic cure for the runs. It isn’t as simple as feeding wood duck liver to anyone who has incontinence, because if wood duck liver gave him incontinence, logically it must also give someone else the shits. So, in his infinite wisdom, what the “doctor” does is put one part duck liver into ten parts water (or alcohol, which is probably more fun) and shakes it up and down ten times. Next, he would take one part of our new mixture, add it to ten parts water, and shake that mixture up and down ten times. He would continue to dilute each new mixture in this way fifteen (for “normal” potencies) to thirty times (for “stronger” potencies). The doctor would insist that the active “ingredient,” in this case wood duck liver, leaves a negative energy on the water molecules. This mystical “energy,” which can’t be detected by science, is supposed to negate the effects of the wood duck liver in our hypothetical.

So, can you imagine what would be produced if we applied the same method to create, say, homeopathic birth control? One part semen in ten parts water, shake ten times, and so on until you have a mixture that almost definitely does not contain single sperm. “Negative sperm energy” should be created, inhibiting pregnancy. Likewise, this “energy” negates the effects of whatever ingredients homeopathic “doctors” want to not actually put in their “real” cures. This is really fucking weird, I know. But people really are selling this stuff. Look for it in a pharmacy, it can be found in the alternative medicine section. If you look at the back of the bottle, the inactive ingredient will almost always be sugar or water. The “active” ingredient will be listed in Latin (this is because they really do use “remedies” as wacky as wood duck liver). Next to the name will be a number followed by the letter “X” or “C.” This number stands for how many times the dilution process has taken place, and is usually from around nine to thirty. The letter stands for the ratio of ingredient to water: “X” meaning one part ingredient to ten parts water, “C” meaning one part ingredient to 100 parts water. A “real” remedy for anxiety and depression lists Plumbus Met, 10X as its active ingredient. Our hypothetical homeopathic birth control might say Sperma Humanus, 15X. The latter is obviously fake, but Plumbus Met seems almost legit, right? That is Latin for lead. Other homeopathic “cures” include arsenic, onions, and ground up honey bees. Not that you could ever find any of these “ingredients” in the final product, anyway. Homeopathy is a fraud, and its “effectiveness” is based entirely on anecdotal evidence. You can’t cure anything but a sweet tooth with sugar pills, and if you think you have you are fooling yourself. Please, don’t use homeopathy, psychic healing, chakra adjustment or any other baseless form of alternative medicine. If any of this stuff worked, it wouldn’t be “alternative” any more. Real medical science requires controlled repeatable evidence, something alternative medicine just doesn’t have.




20 Responses to “Homeopathy: Industry of Death”

  1. Dana Ullman, MPH Says:

    It is so easy to make homeopathy seem stupid when you describe it in an uneducated fashion, when you ignore the 200+ clinical trials, when you remain ignorant of the hundreds of basic science work done in homeopathy, hormesis, and nanopharmacology. It is a tad ironic that you are trying to be a defender of modern science, and yet, you maintain such an embarrassingly unscientific attitude. Whooops.

    By the way, epidemiologists have determined that ducks carry many strains of influenza viruses in their digestive tract, and they are one of the carriers/reseviors of these viruses. The fact that homeopaths have used Oscillococcinum (made by duck’s livers and hearts) since 1926 shows that we have been in touch with modern research, and the fact that there have been three large (over 300 patients) trials testing this medicine, with each trial conducted by an independent investigator and each trial with statistical significance. Even the Cochrane Commission calls this research “promising,” but you probably don’t even know who or what the Cochrane Commission is. Whooops again.

  2. Homeopathy, Revisited. « Says:

    […] Earlier today, I received an interesting response to my article about homeopathy from a prominent homeopath named Dana Ullman. Mr. Ullman’s response is as […]

  3. Incontinence Aid Says:

    I have to say I agree with Dana. Things are just not so black and white.

  4. secularstudentslb Says:

    This issue is quite black and white. Either homeopathy works or it doesn’t (it doesn’t). Perhaps you should educate yourself on what homeopaths claim to do, else you become so open minded that your brain falls out.

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  8. homeopathy Says:

    Well, each individual’s body responds differently to homeopathic treatment. What may not have worked for one person may have been a great help to another. Besides, since it would be difficult to dismiss its effectiveness or the “un-effectiveness” of it, the choice is just there. That’s another way of looking at it as “alternative.”

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  12. Dr. Nancy Malik Says:

    Homeopathy cures where Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

  13. Nick Dennis Says:

    Well…It might sound strange…I had a well bred labrador dog about 8 years old. He all of a suddent caught up with a rare skin disease and after frequesnt visits to Vets found that he had developed Mange. No amount of medicine helped. After good 4 months , i bumped into a book called “Material Medica”. I started researching and discovered a Homeopathic Medicine called Sulphur helps in curing skin disorders. I started administering this internally and externally to my dog and in good 2 months he completely recovered.

    Seeing is believing… I have expercienced this first hand….

  14. DocQuack Says:

    There is a link on this page which says, “Psychics are full of shit”. I would agree for many cases, certainly. However, this website is also very full of shit.

    Thank you.

  15. Frank Earnest Says:

    I went to a homeopath (who is also a regular MD – unusual combination) with debilitating diahhrea. I couldn’t work, couldn’t drive, could barely walk with assistance. I’d been sick for about 2 weeks. I had problems with diahhrea throughout most of my life, as did my Dad, so I thought it was genetic.

    The homeopath interviewed me for at least 45 minutes, referring to 2 HUGE books and finally diagnosed it as a particular deficiency. He gave me a single pill, which looked very much like the shiny little candies my Mom put on some candies. I thought “oh boy, he’s giving me a placebo”.

    The next day I felt a little better, but dismissed it as a fluke, maybe I was going to feel better anyway.

    The 2nd day I felt distinctly better, but was getting a really bad cold sore, which I ALSO had regularly most of my life. So did my Dad, so I thought it was genetic.

    The third day I was definately getting well, and the cold sore had spread to both lips, into both nostrils and my CHIN! I called the Doc, told him I was definately feeling better but I had the worst cold sore of my life (and that I have EVER seen).

    He calmly respoded that as the body adjusts, things turn up. It may be the WORST cold sore, but it MIGHT be your last.

    I continued to recover, cold sore cleared up. It was 2 YEARS before I had either diahhrea OR a cold sore. I use to get them on a regular basis (not at the same time mecessarily). And have rarely had either for the past 20 years.

    I have only had good results from homeopathy, for myself and for my family.

  16. DB Says:

    Frank Earnest:

    You’re expecting us to accept that your alleged medical condition (I say alleged because I don’t think we have the full story) was cured by a homeopathic “remedy” that would be completely indistinguishable from no remedy at all. No mate, didn’t happen, and you’re either missing out crucial information or lying.

  17. Dr. Nancy Malik Says:

    Homeopathy: Micro Doses Mega Results

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  19. Nancy Malik Says:

    The fundamental pillars of Homeopathy are: –
    1. Law of similar (1796): Like cures like
    2. Law of minimum dose (1801): Less is More
    3. Law of simplex (1810): One single similar medicine for the patient
    4. The theory of miasms (1829)
    5. Doctrine of Vital Force (1833)
    6. Potentisation/dynamisation (1833)
    7. Hering’s law of five directions of cure (1845):
    8. Diet & Regimen

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