Here are the minutes from the first meeting:

To those who went to the meeting, awesome. To those who didn’t,
you’re still awesome. But, I will debrief what went on.

1. Events:
a. “The Jesus Myth” debate at UCLA on February 22, Thursday @
7:00-8:15 pm in Royce Hall 190. Matt and Sean will be meeting at
5:30pm on Thursday. Call them if you need a ride. For more
information, access the facebook info page:
b. Mondays @ Viento y Agua
( There are weekly coffee
discussions held at this cafe. This will be a good chance to speak of
hot topics not usually talked about.

2. Business:
a. Group name is undecided. If you have any ideas for a possible
name, e-mail me.
b. If anybody has any ideas on reaching out to the campus and
community, e-mail me. So far we have discussed lectures, movies
nights, and presentations. One idea is to set up our own
presentations and present them in front of the student body and
faculty. Another is to collaborate or simply affiliate ourselves with
another group on campus for an event.

Other than that, next meeting is on Wednesday, February 28 @ 1:00pm
near the candy counter. And, if you don’t have a Facebook profile,
please create one. This will be vital to our communication. Here is
a group link:

John Guevarra
LBSS Secretary
(310) 220-1959

“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is
my religion.”
-Abraham Lincoln

Our next meeting will be at the same time. I couldn’t get a room until 1:30, so we are just going to meet near the candy counter, and maybe we will get coffee or grab a table in the center of the student union. I hope to see more people there. The Jesus Myth event is tonight, I believe Mimi, Joseph, Matt, and myself will be attending.

In other news, here is a rational look at the 9/11 truth movement posted on


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