And the Antichrist is… Al Gore?

Pope Benedict (the Whatever) has been notified by the Archbishop of Bologna, who was was presumably talking to God (or Jesus? Or the Holy Spirit?), that the Anti-Christ will be a a pacifist, and ecologist, and an ecumenist. So some one who doesn’t like war, thinks it might be important to prevent the destruction of the environment, and would like to see the entire world live in peace and unity together! Well, it looks like you are in luck Bishop – you don’t have to worry because John Lennon is already dead. Because a psychopath conservative religious whack-job, like you, shot him in the head. And who is to fight this peace lovin’ hippy – er, evil beast? The Eastern Orthodox, the Catholic, and the Protestant. Way to mobilize the Christian right! I will be looking foreward to more bigotry, gas-guzzling SUVs, needless wars, and attacks on science and progress in the future. Ass.

(Edited for factual errors.)


5 Responses to “And the Antichrist is… Al Gore?”

  1. Mimi Says:

    What a fucking douche bag! Did you hear about Jesus of Suburbia?

  2. Mimi Says:

  3. secularstudentslb Says:

    What a whack job…Brittney Spears is also apparantly the Antichrist.

  4. Dawn Says:

    So what are the true colors of the Pope? His only role in your comment was recipent of a notification from an Archbishop. Geez that sounds pretty sinister to me, I’ll keep my eye on this Pope!

  5. secularstudentslb Says:

    You’re correct, when I heard about the story, I was misinformed. My original post had incorrect information – namely, that it was the pope himself who made this statement, not the archbishop. I will edit the title, thanks for pointing this out.

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