Highest Ranking Non-Theistic Member of the US Government

The Secular Coalition for America, the first lobbying group in Washington for freethinking Americans, offered 1000 dollars to whoever could find the highest ranking  atheistic member of the US government.

He turns out to be a representative Peter Stark, a Democratic congressmen from California’s 13th district.


Stark is the first ever openly atheist member of congress, even though, if congress was a representative sample of Americans, there ought to be about fifty non-theistic members. Stark has consistently voted in favor of freedom and equality – he has a 100% rating from the ACLU. This is a huge step foreward for equality, kin to the first woman speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Hopefully, other atheistic congressmen – if there are any – will follow Stark’s lead. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of Stark’s political career!

One Response to “Highest Ranking Non-Theistic Member of the US Government”

  1. Tina B. Says:

    I was amazed at this guy for letting everyone know he does not believe in a god. Bravo!

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